Gravity Form Form Results Options

Gravity Forms Survey

Gravity Forms is the perfect tool for producing a survey that looks great. The challenge is how to display its results.

Options include:

  • Gravity Forms in-built advanced survey capability
  • Exporting results into a spreadsheet
  • Our GFChart plugin
  • Other plugins
  • Custom coding

Gravity Forms in-built advanced survey capability

– In-built,
– Minimal configuration required,
– Output is always up to date.
– Only displays on back end,
– Utilitarian look may not be suitable for client presentation.

Export results into a spreadsheet

– Allows significant customisation.– Cumbersome manual updating required,
– Data always stale,
– Spreadsheet proficiency required,
– Limited support options.

GFChart plugin

– Display on front end, emails and PDFs*,
– Output is always up to date,
– Menu driven, minimal code,
– Fully supported and documented,
– Trusted,
– No quibble full refund guarantee if not entirely satisfied within 7 days of purchase.
– Purchase required,
– 80/20 solution that is not infinitely customisable.

*not available in ‘Classic’ license.

Other plugins

– Might be a better fit for your exact needs.
– Some options are free.
– Time to search, trial and evaluate,
– Pedigree and future uncertain.

Custom coding

– Potential to create your perfect solution.– Expertise / time / money required,
– Future maintenance overhead,
– PDF/Email capability has a significant overhead.

The GFChart advantage summary

  • Fast
  • Versatile
  • Dependable

Super simple survey example

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree

Pie output examples

– Simple intuitive graphic.– Limited insights from small data sets.

Bar output examples

– Clear data interpretation – can see exactly vote numbers.– More complex than pie.



  • Gravity Forms Elite license – includes the ‘Survey’ capability which will produce the horizontal radio button likerts. Gravity Forms Basic license holders should use standard radio buttons, and if CSS competent improve the formatting.
  • GFChart All license – includes the ‘Survey Customiser’ capability which allows the segment/bar colours and order to be changed. GFChart Classic license holders will be able to produce charts with the default colours, and will need to order using a simple workaround of numbering segments/bars.
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