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Developer Dashboard Problems Solved By GFChart

From a value perspective, utilising GFChart saves website developers, owners and business managers a huge amount of time. It would take a capable developer several hours to build a basic chart, and that’s before testing, presuming that their client knows their exact needs up front, and can get a good test data set. Once the GFChart plugin is installed it is usually possible to produce powerful and insightful live reports in less than 90 seconds.

GFChart WordCamp Sydney

GFChart sponsoring WordCamp Sydney 2019

GFChart has been announced as a sponsor of 2019 WordCamp, Sydney, a conference for designers, developers, marketers, business owners, and everyone in between that use WordPress.

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New Feature: Line Chart Graphing

There is no better way to display a sales trend than a line chart.
GFChart has just released Line Chart functionality to the must-have, Gravity Forms plugin.

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Super Simple Contact Form Trend Monitor

Do you experience these common problems when capturing data from your customers? Contact form emails go missing Cannot easily monitor contact form trends Imagine if


What I learned from a day with WPEngine

Suppliers’ conferences can often be little more than a dressed up sales-fest. The leading WordPress hosting company, WPEngine, struck the right balance at their Sydney