GFChart v1.17.0

13-Jun-20 Sydney Australia: GFChart v1.17.0 was released today which features extensive user interface and layout improvements to accelerate your workflow. Changes Improvement: Many layout and user interface enhancements. Improvement: Various security enhancements. Fix: special character and comma display issue fixed in charts. New: Checkbox fields enabled for Pie Charts. New: Payment Status field converted to …

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Developer Dashboard Problems Solved By GFChart

From a value perspective, utilising GFChart saves website developers, owners and business managers a huge amount of time. It would take a capable developer several hours to build a basic chart, and that’s before testing, presuming that their client knows their exact needs up front, and can get a good test data set. Once the GFChart plugin is installed it is usually possible to produce powerful and insightful live reports in less than 90 seconds.

Thank you to the farmer in 1989 who persuaded me to attend PressNomics in 2019

It was a very windy day when 100s of us launched 1,000 helium filled balloons. Back in 1989 I was Vice-President of the Students’ Union. We thought that a mass balloon launch would be a fantastic way to protest against the proposed introduction of student loans! A few days later I received a letter from …

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gravity forms reports

Super Simple Contact Form Trend Monitor

Do you experience these common problems when capturing data from your customers? Contact form emails go missing Cannot easily monitor contact form trends Imagine if you could view it all on an easily configurable line chart. Now the GFChart Charting vs Time add-on solves this for WordPress users using Gravity Forms. 5 simple steps Select …

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