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Website owners, if you use Gravity Forms to help run your business then you need GFChart! GFChart enables you or your web developer or designer to quickly produce business reports from Gravity Forms.

GFChart features a menu driven interface to quickly configure charts and calculations from forms submissions. Charts and calculations can then be displayed in pages, posts and widgets using a simple [shortcode] and if required additional HTML/CSS. Charts and calculations in emails and PDFs is in beta.

How to quickly find out whether GFChart is right for you

We know that GFChart is not perfect for all use cases, but we are committed to helping you make the right decision as quickly and easily as possible. We recommend:

  1. Check our documentation.
  2. Import your form into our try before buy site and test.
  3. Ask us a question via our support desk or phone Ben on +61 406 401 180 (Sydney, Australia UTC+11hrs).
  4. Purchase and enjoy our no quibble full refund guarantee if not entirely satisfied within 7 days.

Our Vision

Spreadsheet users will be familiar with the mathematical and charting functions to analyse and display the data contained within the spreadsheet. Our vision is for GFChart will become the equivalent for Gravity Forms.


Gravity Forms is already a totally awesome plugin for capturing information and handing it on. To display the information we use and recommend GravityView*. Until now there has not been an easy way to display mathematical data about that information. Other charting plugins are available but they do not take their data from Gravity Forms entries.

  • Delight customers
  • Communicate accurately
  • Make only realistic promises


In April 2014 we made this GFChart plugin available publicly because we needed it ourselves, and thought that others might too. We were right – customers tell us that it is unique. Due to the interest that it has created we are developing it further by directly reinvesting income from sales and affiliates to our development team. Valid license holders will receive automatic updates and support for 12 months from purchase.

About Us

Ben Ramsden

Hi, I’m Ben Ramsden, Director of Mensard, the company behind GFChart. In my corporate consulting work I regularly produce ‘Business Intelligence’ data analysis and displays – for KPI dashboards, survey results and business trends. These are typically produced using Microsoft Excel, populated with data pulled from other business systems.

With the growing popularity of WordPress, there is a need for similar functionality. I chose to base my solution on Gravity Forms due to its maturity and popularity, and the availability of Gravity View. Note: we and this plugin are completely independent from Gravity Forms and Gravity View.


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