Gravity Forms booking

Gravity Forms booking

In many ways Gravity Forms is the ideal tool for accepting online bookings and registrations. Its major shortfall was the lack of an easy to use dashboard facility. We fixed that with GFChart!

Why use Gravity Forms for bookings and registrations

There are many online booking and registration options.

We love Gravity Forms because it is uncluttered and can be easily configured to cope with details that other solutions either cannot support, or do it in a very clunky way. Gravity Forms is very flexible, has payment gateways, many 3rd party application integrations, and submissions can easily be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

We could have used any form builder because we are completely independent of Gravity Forms. Having trialled several options, we chose Gravity Forms because of its pedigree.

Real time management dashboards from GFChart

Venue filled vs capacity

Event managers want to know how bookings are going, where people are coming from, etc – ideally live and up to date. Audiences want to know how popular something is before booking. GFChart is the solution you need.

Designed with you in mind

Dashboards are usually an afterthought, clients don’t want to pay extra for them, and their needs can change over time. Hard coding and debugging dashboards is a very time consuming activity.

You’ll love GFChart because it’s:

  • Rapid: menu driven with hardly any code. Fully documented and supported by people who understand it.
  • Low risk: try before buy site available and 30-day no quibble money back guarantee.
  • Enduring: we’ve been around since 2014, have customers in 70 countries, and regularly release upgrades.
  • Flexible: use in 1000s of use cases. Mobile responsive.

How to build a Gravity Forms booking solution

  1. Build your booking form in Gravity Forms.
  2. Optionally connect a payment gateway / mailing list service / etc.
  3. Install GFChart BASIC.
  4. Create a chart or calculation within GFChart.
  5. Display on a page, post or widget.

If I can do all that with GFChart BASIC, what more can I achieve with GFChart ALL?

  • Render charts and calculations into emails and PDFs*
  • Produce charts against time.
  • Enable front end filtering*
  • Color customisation.
  • Pre-configured template library.
  • Install on multiple sites.
  • And more

*PDF rendering requires GravityPDF (obtain separately). Front end filtering requires GravityView (purchase separately).

Gravity Forms booking is popular with:

Educational Institutions, Venues, Clubs, Online training providers, Community Groups, Causes, Faiths and Churches.