WordPress Chart Plugin

WordPress Chart Plugin

Always up to date charts in WordPress

Looking for a way to keep your charts in WordPress up to date automatically?

If you don’t want your audience falling asleep, charts and dynamic graphs are the way to go. Until now, keeping them up to date required manual updating or custom coding.

Now this capability is available in a simple plugin. No coding expertise required!

Introducing GFChart for Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms was the first WordPress form builder and is now the most advanced. GFChart produces charts from data collected via Gravity Forms, automatically – always up to date.

  • Survey results
  • Registration trends
  • Sales results

How it works

  1. Create a form in Gravity Forms.
  2. Start using the form.
  3. Create a GFChart.
  4. Leave it! Charts recalculate using latest data automatically.

Why GFChart?

  • No coding skills required.
  • Display charts in posts, pages, widgets, emails and PDFs.
  • Slice and dice data using our powerful filters.
  • Stress free – fully supported and documented, no quibble 30 day refund guarantee.

We’re also totally committed to our product and are here to help, not rip you off…

Need charts in WordPress? It’s as easy as choosing the package, features and pricing that suits you. And if you are not entirely satisfied after 30 days, simply activate our no quibble refund.