Gravity Forms Surveys

Gravity Forms Surveys

Easily collect, access and analyse survey data on your target audience

How To Build Customer Engagement By Collecting Survey Data And Feedback Forms.

One of the best ways to get to know your audience, clients or employees is by asking them what they think.

An online survey is an easy way to learn how they use and interact with your service, if they are happy/unhappy, and much more. You can use these insights to improve your product line, service or workplace and refine your offering.

And while Gravity Forms has survey capability for Developer license holders, it only charts data captured using specific polls and survey fields. GFChart is the solution for website users who want easy access to monitor survey results, without the hassle of logging in every time.

GFChart can help you:

  • Easily access survey results
  • View aggregate survey results
  • Filter data

Gravity Forms advanced survey fields are supported. Compatible with GravityView.

Why GFChart?


No more fiddly code! How good does that sound?

Our philosophy is to:

  • Develop a useful product for businesses & website developers
  • Communicate updates and improvements
  • Have a highly responsive service desk
  • Only make promises we can keep

We’re also totally committed to our product and are here to help.

Want easy access to your survey results? It’s as easy as choosing the package, features and pricing that suits you.