Survey results always up to date

  • Create your survey with Gravity Forms.
  • GFChart displays the latest results, automatically, 24×7.
  • Slice and dice data using our powerful filters.
  • Customise colors to suit your design*.
Survey Donut Pie Chart
Segmented registration reports

Segmented registration reports

  • Receive bookings, registrations and enrolments using the power of Gravity Forms.
  • GFChart automatically displays the latest status.
  • Responsive charts display on mobile devices.
  • Filter by payment status.

Sales trends

  • Always up to date tracking.
  • Results for the current month and past 12 always displayed.
  • Automatic roll forward on the 1st of month.
  • Line or bar chart.
Sales trends
Email trend report

Form traffic reports in only 5 minutes

  • Fed up of manually downloading your data?
  • Not convinced that all contacts are landing in your inbox?
  • Can’t see the trends?
  • Create once and always up to date.

Progress bars

  • Instant readout of fund raising progress.
  • Filter by payment status.
Progress Bar
Sales Report

Numerical reports

  • Automatically display ‘last period’ data using relative date filtering.
  • Customise table style using HTML and CSS.
  • ‘Clone’ calculations to quickly build out larger tables.

Individual assessments*

  • Personality tests.
  • Asset evaluations.
  • Balanced Score Card analysis.

*requires GFChart ALL and GravityView (purchase separately)

Automatic emails and PDFs*

  • Impress with a professional looking PDF document.
  • Want a regular report via email?
  • Schedule email notifications.

*requires GFChart ALL and GravityPDF (download separately).

Front end filtering*

  • Users can self-select filter options.
  • Harness the power of GravityView to enable users to filter displayed data.

*requires GFChart ALL and GravityView (purchase separately).

Front end filtering
Coding knowledge not required

Coding knowledge not required

  • Menu driven User Interface.
  • Field options automatically populate from your form.
  • Instantly preview results.

Customise colors to suit your design*

  • Advanced survey customiser enables precise setting of colors.

*requires GFChart ALL.

Customise colors

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