How To Build Customer Engagement By Collecting Survey Data And Feedback Forms.

How To Build Customer Engagement By Collecting Survey Data And Feedback Forms.

We all like to feel a part of something: a sports team, a family, club, work team, a community. It engages us and makes us want to contribute. When we participate by giving our opinion, and receiving feedback, we are engaged; we feel included.

Same happens with your customers and prospective customers. Engage them and they’ll get involved.

One of the best ways to get to know your audience, clients or employees is by asking them what they think.

By offering your customers polls, questionnaires and surveys, you will gather important data to help you guide your business toward creating a better customer experience that is engaging and unique for your customers.

You can use these insights to improve your product line, service or workplace and refine your offering.

Now you can easily collect, access and analyse survey data on your WordPress website.

Gravity Forms is the perfect tool for producing a survey that looks great. The challenge is how to display its results.

While Gravity Forms has survey capabilities, it only charts data captured using specific polls and survey fields. GFChart is a solution for WordPress users who want easy access to monitor survey results, without the hassle of logging in every time.

The GFChart plugin has support for Gravity Forms advanced survey fields and updates are automatically delivered to your WordPress dashboard. It is also compatible with GravityView.

You need to build customer engagement so you need your captured data to work for you. GFChart now has the capability to render charts and calculations into emails and PDFs. GFChart is already the best solution for producing charts and calculations from Gravity Forms data in WordPress websites. After installing the GFChart plugin you can create and display a basic chart or calculation on a webpage in literally seconds.

The technology to render charts into emails and PDFs is considerably more complex than rendering into web pages, however GFChart has built its own server to do this for you.

In the background, GFChart will send your data from your website to their server for rendering. The chart image will be returned to your site for inclusion within a Gravity Forms notification email or PDF from GravityPDF.

The rendered charts can be inserted into notification emails sent by Gravity Forms, or PDF files produced by GravityPDF.

So if you want to engage your customers into your business, engage GFChart on your WordPress website.

Check the Sample charts and outputs HERE.