You Can Now Include ‘Live’ Charts And Calculations In Your Emails And PDF’s.

Visual communication helps readers understand content. This is true for websites, and blog articles, but what about emails and reports? They can also benefit from visually displaying your data to better explain your subject matter to the reader.

If you include such data visually, it transforms that data into actionable insights which you can share with anyone and make an immediate impact on them, and on your business.

But how do you include your data from Surveys, Quizzes, Booking Forms and other such collection channels, into your emails and reports?

GFChart now has the capability to render charts and calculations into emails and PDFs. GFChart is already the best solution for producing charts and calculations from Gravity Forms data in WordPress websites. After installing the GFChart plugin you can create and display a basic chart or calculation on a webpage in literally seconds.

The technology to render charts into emails and PDFs is considerably more complex than rendering into web pages, however GFChart has built its own server to do this for you.

In the background, GFChart will send your data from your website to their server for rendering. The chart image will be returned to your site for inclusion within a Gravity Forms notification email or PDF from GravityPDF.

The rendered charts can be inserted into notification emails sent by Gravity Forms, or PDF files produced by GravityPDF.

Would You Like To Test It?

At this link you can simply enter an email address, press ‘submit’, and you will then receive an email containing charts and calculations in the body, and an attached PDF also containing the same. All the ‘Live’ data is extracted from a GFChart sample form, and is accurate as at the time the email is sent to you.

Give it a go and see for yourself how great your content will be with real time data included.