6 Steps To Successfully Survey Your Customers


Always keep this in mind: Your customers have good ideas.

Consider it a positive to ask your customers for feedback, not a negative. When a customer gives you feedback they aren’t just sharing their pain points with you, they are helping you make your product or service better. Follow these 6 steps to ensure your survey is a success.

1. Make your surveys easy to answer

Your customers won’t spend a lot of time answering long winded confusing questions. Short fast surveys will always deliver better response rates. You’ll be able to rapidly react to any issues that arise, not trying to solve everything at once.

2. Welcome all feedback, good and bad.

Don’t fear feedback. Ask your customers the one thing they would change about your business or product. Their responses will help you improve your service and/or product for them.

3. Let your customers know the results

Share your results with your customers. Let them know how their feedback directly contributed to changes you’ve made in your business. You’ll engage them more.

4.  Use technology and tools to help

It’s a good idea to build a survey into your website so you can direct customers back to your that page where you can add a call to action, rather than add or link to an external third-party tool.  GFChart is a great website tool for creating quick easy to use surveys.

5. Share your results throughout your organisation

Everyone in your business should know what is going on with your customers. If they have access to the customer feedback results you’ll find product and service decisions will be better informed by your staff.

6. Make changes quickly

Your customers will notice when you implement their feedback quickly. Keep them in the loop and they’ll keep supporting you.

If done right, surveys engage customers. Make sure your survey is well thought out and implemented with the right tools, and you will reap the rewards.