Gravity Forms Surveys and Client Insight

Narrowing down your client base is among the most important goals of market research. Any firm should be seeking high-value clients, those that provide the greatest value, and have a higher conversion rate. Learning more about these clients can help you to narrow your focus, and appeal to them more directly.

Gravity Forms surveys have been providing a method of gathering information for several years. This is one of the reasons that Gravity Forms took off so well: without writing a line of code, you can embed surveys in to your site’s pages. The reasons to do so are numerous.

A Gravity Forms survey allows you to learn specifics about how your clients found you. It describes the functional aspects of your marketing strategy, and identifies where efforts are being wasted. It can also offer good insight in to the overall experience your clients would report: you can ask them what you could be doing differently to earn that all-important referral. Without resorting to email campaigns or direct marketing, you can compile vital information on your customers.

Gravity Forms surveys can yield some top-quality information about the traffic on your site, and at GF Chart, our plugin has been designed to work with it, and get the very most out of this unique development. The plugin is lightweight, easily installed, and can provide and represent useful insights from your surveys to understand more about your client base.