WordPress Poll Plugins. Ask What Your Customer Is Thinking.

Gathering feedback from your customer base is vital to targeting and engaging your clients. WordPress, and several other website building tools, have long been making use of public polls to gather voluntary information about the visitors to a site. But how can we make the most of poll and survey tools in WordPress?

For starters, the Poll itself must be noticeable and the questions direct and difficult to overlook. They must be brief, almost an unconscious reaction on the part of the user. If you ask for any more involvement on the part of the user, the poll will likely be ignored.

The questions themselves must tackle the information you are after head-on. They must be relevant, multiple choice if possible, and drive for specific answers.

Remember to speak in a language that reflects your consumer base, not your own technical jargon. Are you selling mostly to the young, tech-savvy cohort, or a less tech aware crowd? You will want to craft your questions in a way that is clearly and quickly understandable to them, avoiding jargon that may confuse them.

It is also important to let your customers know that their feedback is both confidential and valued. A disclaimer alluding to a responsible use of their feedback can be key to ensuring that your customers responses are honest and forthcoming.

With proper questions on your forms, you can create online surveys that will help you target your focus and your marketing strategies towards your client base. Once you have your feedback, the GF Chart plugin is the perfect tool to display and organise it. Contact us for more information!