GFChart v1.2.0

GFChart v1.2.0 is now live. This feature release introduces support for Gravity Forms advanced survey fields, and a new average calculation.



  • New: Bar and Pie charts for Gravity Forms Survey Likert, Radio Buttons, Rating, Drop Down and Ranking. Note checkbox and multi-select checkbox are not supported.
  • New: calculation of average.
  • Confirmed: full compatibility with Gravity Forms v2.0


Try it now!

Use this form to add data to the report below it.

  • 1. Strongly disagree2. Disagree3. Neutral4. Agree5. Strongly agree
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Indigo
    • Violet




Radio Buttons


Drop Down



Important details

  • To take advantage of the advanced survey fields capability customers will require a copy of the Gravity Forms Survey Add-On (GF Developer License holders).
  • GFChart is not compatible with checkbox and multi-select fields (both the standard and advanced survey versions). It is compatible with single Likerts, but not multiple-row or scoring Likerts.
  • Bar chart segmentation is not possible with Gravity Forms advanced survey fields (a graph will be produced but not display correctly).


How to use the new capabilities

  • Advanced survey fields: build a pie or bar chart as normal (note exceptions listed under ‘important details’ above).
  • Calculation averages: when building or editing a ‘Calculation’; under the ‘select data’ tab, set the ‘calculation type’ to ‘avg’. Full instructions are here.


How to obtain a copy of v1.2.0

Existing customers may upgrade via the 1-click update on their WordPress plugins dashboard.

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