GFChart v1.3.0

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GFChart v1.3.0 has now been released. This introduces support for exporting and importing charts/calculations between WordPress installs.



  • New: import and export charts alongside forms.
  • New: GFChart Plus launched including pre-configured templates.
  • Tweak: UI improved to show which page(s) Chart/Calculation(s) appear on.
  • Fix: malfunctioning capability removed from the admin bar.
  • Fix: broken images fixed for non-standard WordPress installs.

Note: duplicating charts/calculations within a single install is not a current capability. The independent and free Duplicate Post plugin will do this for you. Thanks to Riley for mentioning this!


How to use the new capabilities

  1. Ensure both the export and import WordPress installs are running GFChart v1.3.0.
  2. Use the standard Gravity Forms facilities to export and import the desired form. Any charts/calculations associated with that form will automatically be exported and imported alongside the form. No additional settings or configuration is required. (Find these functions under ‘Forms > Import/Export’).
  3. Remember that entries cannot be imported (unless you use the Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin from Gravity View). Hence new entries must be created for the imported form before charts/calculations will be displayed.


How to obtain a copy of v1.3.0

Existing customers with a valid license should update with 1-click via the WordPress Plugin dashboard on their website(s).

GFChart Plus has been launched and includes access to a pre-configured templates library. Existing GFChart Classic customers can upgrade to Plus via the your account page on this website (select ‘view licenses’).
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