The 10 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins Compared

Do you want to create a quiz on your WordPress website without writing code? Quizzes can help you create highly engaging content that shares well and draws traffic.

If you aren’t already using quizzes to enhance your WordPress content, you’re missing a powerful tool to create engaging experiences for your users. Just look at all the benefits they offer!

  • When users take a quiz, they spend a lot of time on the same page. This time can reduce your bounce rate, help your SEO, and ultimately boost your rankings.
  • Quizzes are great for capturing leads. According to LeadQuizzes, quizzes boast a 33.6% lead capture rate.
  • Quizzes are great for helping your users understand your content. If they take a quiz at the end, there’s a better chance they’ll comprehend what you’re teaching, which creates a more valuable experience for them.
  • People love to share quizzes, thereby driving more traffic to your site.
  • You can learn more about your leads and customers by collecting the data from quizzes. This information can help you sell more products and develop new ones.
  • If you sell ads on your site, quizzes are excellent tools to encourage users to view more pages and stay on those pages longer, which advertisers love.
If you aren’t already using quizzes to enhance your WordPress content, you’re missing a powerful tool to create engaging experiences for your users. Share on X

The Best WordPress Quiz Plugins

To build your own quiz, you’ll need a special plugin – something simple that’s quick to set up and doesn’t require writing code. Here’s our list of the best WordPress quiz plugins.

1. Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

Gravity Forms is the most popular forms plugin for a good reason: It works! The Quiz Add-On gives you access to the quiz field that turns a traditional Gravity Form into a fun, interactive quiz. The quiz dashboard lets you analyze quiz results for all quizzes and gives you individual breakdowns of each quiz submitted.

gravity forms quiz

The Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On includes weighted scoring, which can set custom scores for your answers. Custom grading lets you create quizzes that get graded automatically upon submission. You can set forms to pass/fail or letter grading.

We think Gravity Forms is the best WordPress quiz plugin because it’s incredibly flexible. You also get access to all of Gravity Forms’ other features.

2. GFChart

If you build a quiz in WordPress, you need an attractive way to display the results of your user submissions. Without a clear visualization, your data will be hard to understand.

GFChart turns your raw Gravity Forms data into easy-to-understand, visually appealing charts and graphs that constantly update whenever there are new submissions. Charts are built through a simple user interface that only requires a few settings. You can embed multiple types of charts on any page, post, or widget area, like these:

  • Pie charts (normal, 3D, and donut)
  • Bar charts (horizontal and vertical)
  • Line charts
  • Progress bars
  • Calculations (count/sum/average/unique values).
quiz results

The best part about GFChart is that it does not require any coding whatsoever. It also integrates with other third-party plugins, such as GravityView and GravityPDF.

3. Viral Quiz

Viral Quiz is a great WordPress quiz plugin to make Buzzfeed-style trivial quizzes and personality quizzes. Their goal is to help you get as much traction on social media as possible. You can force people to share it to see their results and add custom Twitter hashtags and @mentions.

Unlike other quiz plugins, this one is limited in scope. The quiz builder is easy to use, but you can only ask multiple-choice questions, so it’s not suitable for every purpose. You can use images in both your questions and answers. You can also create different results pages based on how a user answers, which people love to share.

4. ARI Stream Quiz

ARI Stream Quiz focuses on helping you create trivia and viral-type quizzes. The free version lets you create trivial quizzes, but the premium version lets you make personality quizzes. Both versions allow you to use images in questions and answers.

The quiz builder interface is simple and easy to use. It also offers quiz analytics, email marketing tool integrations, social sharing options, and multi-page quizzes.

5. Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a variety of quizzes, exams, and personality assessments. You can add unlimited questions to the quiz and adjust basic styling. The quizzes’ front-end appearance is a little dated but not ugly. Your quizzes can use seven different types of questions:

  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Drop-down
  • Text area
  • Short text
  • Number
  • Date

The quiz builder (in the WordPress backend) is functional and straightforward. You can connect Quiz Maker with your email marketing tool, give certificates to quiz takers, integrate with payment solutions, and display quiz results as charts.

6. Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is a quiz builder that allows you to set up quizzes, polls, and surveys. You can use their 100+ pre-built templates and even add images and videos to your quizzes. Quizzes are built on Opinion Stage’s platform using a powerful visual quiz builder, but their WordPress plugin makes it easy to display them on your site.

opinion stage

This WordPress quiz plugin comes with some great features you might like: You can automatically add leads to your email marketing tool, block repeat quiz takers, use conditional logic, redirect users based on quiz outcomes, and more. The one downside is that all of the data collected gets stored on Opinion Stage’s servers.

7. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a flexible WordPress quiz plugin that lets you create unlimited questions in just a few minutes. You can add images to questions, and each quiz comes with a start and end screen. It’s a light plugin that won’t affect your site speed much. The quizzes’ front-end display is simple and works well with most themes.

We like this plugin because it’s easy and simple. It doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, but that means you can make quizzes as quickly as you create content. However, there is also a premium version with some advanced features.

8. HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a free WordPress plugin that helps you make interactive and viral quizzes. Each quiz can contain unlimited questions, images, videos, and GIFs. They can also include quiz timers, tooltips (for explaining questions or giving hints), social sharing, scoring, translations, and more. You can embed quizzes into any page or post.

hd quiz

9. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master (formerly known as Quiz Master Next) is a free plugin with premium extensions that extend its functionality. Quizzes can have multiple pages and custom results pages based on user responses. It offers more question types than any other plugin:

  • Radio boxes (one choice)
  • Checkboxes (multiple choice)
  • True and false
  • Open text answer
  • Fill in the blank
  • Number

The quiz builder is relatively straightforward (albeit a little clunky). You can’t add images to answers, but you can include them in questions. After completing a quiz, the plugin can email the user their results. The user can also share their results on social media. Premium add-ons offer leaderboard, certificates, conditional logic, user dashboards, and integrations with email marketing services.

10. WP Quiz

WP Quiz is a flexible plugin that focuses on virality. You build quizzes using multiple-choice or true and false questions, making this plugin suitable for personality and trivia quizzes (you can include images in the questions and answers). The plugin offers a unique flip card option that’s quite engaging.

There’s a premium version of the plugin that lets you insert ads into your quiz, randomize the questions, add a countdown timer, force users to subscribe, and embed your quizzes elsewhere.

Find the Best WordPress Quiz Plugin for Your Needs

We’ve shown you the best WordPress quiz plugins, and you may need to consider several before finding the one that meets your unique needs. We’re sure you’ll find something suitable from this list, no matter what those needs are. Good luck!