Charting vs time

After months of waiting Charting vs Time has been released!


These charts are produced automatically from information submitted via this demonstration booking form.


Potential use cases

  • Sales revenue by month
  • Sales units by month
  • Webform enquiries by month
  • Bookings by month
  • Survey responses by month
  • etc.


Details of v0.1

This first release has limited capability to assess customer demand. It features:

  • Bar Chart (horizontal or vertical)
  • Data by month
  • For current month and previous 12 months (13 in total)
  • Single data series
  • Date is form submission date



Operating instructions are here.


How to obtain your copy of Charting vs Time

Charting vs Time v0.1 is available to our top tier GFChart All customers for no extra charge. Customers should visit the your account page and download from there.

Instructions for existing customers to upgrade their account are here.

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