GFChart 1.10.0

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GFChart v1.10.0 has now been released. This feature release introduces screen size responsiveness, address field support and a unique values calculation.


  • New: Responsive option added for pie, bar and time charts (Progress bars are already responsive).
  • New: Address field support for pie and bar (unsegmented) charts.
  • New: Unique values count calculation.
  • Fix: Stacked bar charts that broke in v1.9.0.

Screen size responsiveness may be selected by checking a new box in the ‘Labels and fonts’ tab. This is switched off by default because it will affect the formatting of existing charts.

Address field support enables you to quickly visualise information by city, country, zip code etc (where these are used in the form).

Unique values count enables you to know how many different variations there are in your data e.g. how many different clubs are represented in your bookings?


How to obtain a copy of GFChart v1.10.0

Existing customers with a valid and activated license may update via the WordPress plugin dashboard. If the 1-click method fails then please follow these instructions.

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