How to prepare GFChart for Gravity Forms v2.3

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Gravity Forms v2.3 will contain changes to the underlying database schema. GFChart must be updated to ensure its continued accurate operation. The release date of Gravity Forms v2.3 is not yet known.

GFChart customers must upgrade to v1.9.0. This will automatically show as a 1-click update in the WordPress dashboard, for existing customers with a valid and activated license key.

GFChart All customers who use the GFChart GravityView add-on must upgrade to v0.3. This is not available for automatic update and must be downloaded from the Your Account page, and manually installed. You will not lose any data by deleting the earlier version of the plugin.

GFChart v1.9.0 and GFChart GravityView add-on v0.3 are backwards compatible with Gravity Forms v2.2 so updating can happen now.

These upgrades should be made before updating Gravity Forms to v2.3.

Tips for a trouble free 1-click upgrade

  • Have a valid license. Not sure? Check at your account portal.
  • Activate the license on your website. Not sure? Navigate to Forms > Settings > GFChart.

Existing customers with a valid license may obtain GFChart support from our helpdesk.