The Best Business Reporting Plugin To Use With Gravity Forms.

If you use Gravity Forms to help run your business, then you need GFChart. The data you get from Gravity Forms is helpful, but to use this data as visually engaging charts in your business reports you need to be using the GFChart Plugin.

Gravity Forms GFChart Plugin

You can produce stunning and powerful visuals with ease: Event Bookings; Survey Results; KPI Dashboards; Live Data Visualisation; Progress Reports; Service Diagnostics; Sales Trend Reports, and much, much more.

GFChart is easy to use, featuring a menu driven interface to quickly configure charts and calculations from your form submissions. Charts and calculations can then be displayed in pages, posts and widgets using a simple shortcode, and if required additional HTML/CSS.

The GFChart Plugin is easy to install and turns captured data, simple or complex, into easy to interpret visuals that anyone can understand.

If you are a service organisation, educational institution, community group, or use Gravity Forms in your manufacturing website, then you need to download the GF Chart plugin at