Is Your Sales Data Visually Boring?

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Today’s business managers are dealing with an overload of data. How do they cope with all those stats and figures?

Data needs to tell a story. Like any story, you need to engage the reader. It’s hard to engage a manager by showing them a page of facts and figures. If you could visualise the story you are telling, the manager will be far more engaged.

The reality is that unless your sales data is visually engaging, it won’t be retained. Do you know why? 65% of us are visual learners, or spatial learners, and unsurprisingly they best learn and remember content, facts and figures through visual communication.

That could mean that 65% of you are losing focus of what I have to say so I’ll keep it brief.

Present your data in nice pretty visuals.

How do you do that?

The good news for WordPress Developers and website builders is that the GFChart Plugin for Gravity Forms makes the whole process easy.

The GFChart Plugin is easy to install and turns captured data, simple or complex, into easy to interpret visuals that anyone can understand and action.

If you’re not already turning your data into engaging visual, and you are using Gravity Forms on your WordPress website, go to to install a plugin to produce visually appealing sales reports, surveys, booking forms, and much more.