GFChart v0.9

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GFChart has been further enhanced with the release of v0.9.


  • New: Enhanced calculation capability (count entries or mathematically sum fields) with filter options.
  • New: Date range filter for all charts and calculations.
  • No change yet: full backwards compatibility with v0.53RC2 but Advanced warning: jqPlot pie and bar charts last used in v0.53RC2 will be depreciated soon. Use bar or pie charts designed with the new user interface instead.

What is the difference between count and sum?

Count is a simple count of the number of form entries. For example, a count of forms received. Sum is mathematical addition. For example, the sum of numbers on forms received. Examples:

  • Sales forms: Count will show the units sold. Sum will show the revenue.
  • Order forms: (where one form can contain multiple orders): Count will show forms received. Sum will show total orders.
  • Donation forms: Count will show number of responses. Sum will show amount raised.

Minimum requirements for v0.9

  • WordPress v4.3, Gravity Forms v1.9, browsers compatible with Google Charts.

How to use v0.9?

  1. Navigate to Forms > Charts/Calculations.
  2. Press ‘Add new’ and follow the intuitive interface
  3. To insert into a post or page, press ‘Add Chart’ to the right of the ‘Add Media’ button.
  4. Watch the video above for a walk through demonstration of Bar charts.
  5. Watch the video for v0.6 for a walk through demonstration of Pie charts.

Currently no further instructions for using v0.9 are available. Instructions for the original legacy shortcode remain unchanged.

How to obtain a copy of v0.9

Existing customers with a valid license key activated on their website(s) will be notified via their plugin dashboard for a 1-click upgrade.


The Google Charts portions of the plugin are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

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