Gravity Forms Charts & Reporting | Gravity Forms Analytics

Gravity Forms has become one of the most common, and important, WordPress plugins. Intended as an easy method of building contact forms, Gravity Forms saw the importance of gathering user information far earlier than its peers. Now, the plugin offers information on your site’s users that goes well beyond solely making contact and building an email list.

Without writing a single line of code, it allows you to gain feedback about the habits of your users through on-page surveys and polls. At a time when we are honing our marketing approaches more and more, these forms are a vital aid to our sales and marketing efforts.

But as useful as this is, Gravity Forms can provide a bewildering array of raw data. Especially on busy sites, this information can take time to wade through and convert in to real, actionable leads and information. That is where GF Chart comes in. We offer WordPress data visualisation to easily display Gravity Forms analytics, whether from surveys, quizzes, or feedback.

Our Gravity Forms analytics extension provides an easy method of displaying your data, in vivid graphical detail. Data become visual, program progress is made clear, and results are illustrated in professional representation, ready for your office presentation or for further analysis.

Our Gravity Forms extension can remove a considerable amount of legwork on your part, streamlining your work and ensuring that you are making the best possible use of Gravity Forms. It builds upon the calculations you can perform with Gravity Forms, offering you even more insight in to your client base and site users.

And if you’re at all unhappy with the plugin, you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked, within seven days.

If you’re looking for a WordPress data visualisation tool that allows you to get the very most out of your Gravity Forms survey or quiz, GF Chart can save hours of your time. Check out our demos, or contact us today!