GFChart is Gutenberg ready

‘Try Gutenberg’ is splashed across the dashboard of WordPress 4.9.8 just released.


GFChart will continue to work without intervention

There is no change for front end users, or back end users using the classic editor.

Back end users using the new Gutenberg editor may use the ‘edit as HTML’ mode to insert short codes as required.


Optionally use the new GFChart Gutenberg block for the full experience

First install and activate the new GFChart Gutenberg plugin*

To insert a chart into a page, use select the ‘Chart’ block from the ‘Embeds’ group.

Edit as required.

Inline insertion of calculations can be achieved using the ‘edit as HTML’ mode to insert short code.


Available to premium ‘GFChart All’ customers

*GFChart All customers may download this plugin from their account page.


Health warning!

Just as Gutenberg is brand new to WordPress and still under active development, our block is also very new. There may be issues with it. Please report any to our helpdesk. We do not promise a rapid fix.