Updates to our WordPress Reporting Extension with GFChart

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There is nothing to be gained, in the tech world, by resting on your laurels. At GFChart, moving forward with our WordPress reporting service, and our product, is a function of listening to our valued client base. And as such, we have adopted a number of changes to our product that will help us to best take care of your needs.

These changes have been implemented to continue our commitment to providing a code-free WordPress reporting and charts app that can do it all for you. For starters, we have expanded our number formats. Now, your figures can be displayed in currency formats, and featuring proper decimal places and thousands separators. Your presentation will be lacking nothing, for any figure you choose to display.

Secondly, we have listened to those of your who were looking for an easier way of duplicating your hard-earned reports. Rather than starting again after creating it, you can make use of our new clone tool, sitting conveniently alongside the ‘Edit’ button in the main GFCharts and Calculations page.

Our new WP REST API support has changed the way that you will interact with your data. This means our support staff can fly in and out, and connect easily with GFCharts data. Together, these changes can graph a wealth of information from your WordPress site, ensuring that the powerful trends and client-side knowledge emanating from your site is being put to good use.

As we enter an era of increasing online competition, we are looking to streamline our efforts to identify and target key clients – and there is no better place to start than by scrutinising your website’s traffic, with the correct tools.

If you’re looking to change the way that you connect with your clients, we can help you. Contact us today to find out more about how to improve your reporting abilities with GFChart.