GFChart v1.8.0

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GFChart v1.8.0 has now been released. This feature release introduces number formatting, easy cloning and WP REST API support.



  • New: Gravity Forms number formats have been added to both calculations and progress bar (enables decimal places, thousands separator and currency)
  • New: Chart/Calculation clone button alongside the ‘edit’ button in the main GFChart Charts/Calculations page.
  • New: WP REST API support
  • Depreciated jqplot (last used v0.53.RC2 Apr-15)


New calculation formatting menu

New progress bar formatting menu

New clone button


How to obtain a copy of GFChart v1.8.0

Existing customers with a valid and activated license may update via the WordPress plugin dashboard. If the 1-click method fails then please follow these instructions.

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