GFChart v1.5.0

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GFChart v1.5.0 is now released. This feature release introduces relative date filtering, enables front end filtering via our GravityView add-on v0.2, and improves automatic update performance on some sites.


Front end filtering demo

(Requires GravityView* and the GFChart GravityView add-on).



  • New: relative date filtering allowing site visitors to track entries by period without the admin having to update filter settings.
  • New: back end changes to enable front end filtering in v0.2 of the GravityView add-on. Now Charts and Calculations update according to the front end filters set in GravityView.
  • Tweak: software licensing performance improvement. Moved from using Transients API to Options API to improve performance, typically on those sites running W3 Total Cache.


How to obtain a copy of GFChart v1.5.0

Existing customers with a valid license should update with 1-click via the WordPress Plugin dashboard on their website(s).


How to obtain a copy of the GFChart GravityView add-on v0.2

GFChart All customers may download a copy via their account page. GFChart Classic and GFChart Plus customers will first need to pay to upgrade to GFChart All via their account page.
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