GFChart GravityView extension

This allows users to:

  • produce a bar chart from single entry. This is ideal for personality type assessment tests. Continue reading below.
  • chart from multiple entries as shown in GravityView, including its front end filtering function. A demo is available here.

This add-on is available to GFChart All customers.

We are regularly requested to easily create a WordPress assessment quiz. These are often used for personality or psychological assessment tests. Typical requirements are:

  • Results charted for an individual response, not multiple or aggregated responses.
  • Personal results are made available to the person completing the test on the front end of the website.
  • That person can, if necessary, periodically complete the test again, without over-writing their previous responses.

We have designed this innovative solution as a premium extension to both Gravity Forms and GravityView (affiliate links).

Instructions for building this personal profile assessment are here.


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Response summary

Response detail
Question Answer
I find it difficult to introduce myself to other people. Slightly agree
When I am tired I relax by reading a book. Slightly disagree
It is very easy for me to get out of bed in the morning. Slightly disagree
Going to bed before 10pm is very difficult for me. Slightly agree
I always use the stairs not the elevator. Slightly disagree
I have at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least 3 times per week. Slightly disagree
Every day I drink at least 3 litres (100 floz) of water. Slightly agree
I have at least 5 servings of vegetables every day. Slightly disagree
I am very careful about the volume of carbohydrates and sugar that I consume. Slightly disagree

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