GFChart v1.8.0

GFChart v1.8.0 has now been released. This feature release introduces number formatting, easy cloning and WP REST API support.   Changes New: Gravity Forms number formats have been added to both calculations and progress bar (enables decimal places, thousands separator and currency) New: Chart/Calculation clone button alongside the ‘edit’ button in the main GFChart Charts/Calculations …

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GFChart v1.6.0

GFChart v1.6.0 has now been released. This feature release introduces checkbox and multi-select support, improved compatibility with the Members plugin, additional permissions settings, and automatic update performance enhancements.   Changes New: Checkbox / multi-select enablement for bar charts. Note that this does not support segments, summing, checkbox/multi-select fields having separate values from their labels, check …

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GFChart v1.5.0

GFChart v1.5.0 is now released. This feature release introduces relative date filtering, enables front end filtering via our GravityView add-on v0.2, and improves automatic update performance on some sites.   Front end filtering demo (Requires GravityView* and the GFChart GravityView add-on).   Changes New: relative date filtering allowing site visitors to track entries by period …

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Front end filtering now in beta

As part of our GravityView integration, GFChart charts/calculations now modify according to the search parameters selected in GravityView. Charts/Calculations can either be displayed within the GravityView widgets, or Charts/Calculations displayed elsewhere on the same page as a ‘View’ also work according to the search criteria. Further details to follow.

GravityView add-on launched

We are delighted to launch this integration with GravityView* that charts single entries. This is ideal for personality or psychological assessment tests. Learn more *Affiliate link